clubs academy

clubs academy 'how to run your club for 2021/22' on a pink background

Clubs Academy 2021- the best way to ensure that you excell in your role on your club's committee. All of our clubs are wonderfully unique and different but there are a few tips and guiding principles which we can give you to ensure your club's success. Your Union and fellow students are here to support you every step of the way. From getting 'the basics' right and hearing from our expert panel (your fellow students), to the other resources and help available throughout the University to you and your club. We can set you up to make your club the best!

The support you will receive from your Union is continuous and throughout the year you will also have the support of your fellow students, via the Club Forum 2021/22 Facebook group, add yourself now! This can be a fantastic resource to seek guidance, share your events and campaigns with the rest of the Clubs & Societies community or just keep connected in whatever way you feel will benefit you and your club.

Your Union will also always be on hand to help and you can contact Alyson MacKay (VP Communities), Elaine Shepherd (Activities & Volunteer Coordinator) and any of the Union staff at any time.  We are here to support you in making your club a success! 

Check out our agenda for the Clubs Academy sessions tomorrow.  We will share more info and contact details for the speakers after the sessions: