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Want to prove your society is awesome?

Club Ribbon is a new scheme for rewarding and awarding our Clubs & Societies for their stellar efforts in our community. Formerly known as Stripes, we’ve reworked and relaunched this scheme based on Club feedback – focussing on less paperwork and a clearer focus on doing cool things!

Clubs & Societies can evidence activity across 3 categories - Community, Sustainability, Development – and achieve an overall accreditation for their Club of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Winners will receive recognition at our Clubs & Societies Awards Ball 2018, a seal of approval on our website, and free social media graphics to shout about their achievements.



There’s 3 categories, and each has 6 potential points to be earned. See the links below for more detail on each!

  • Development: To gain points here, Clubs need to nail down the basics. By demonstrating a willingness to develop and grow, Clubs can make sure they’re ready to do great things.
  • Sustainability: the environment matters to everyone. Clubs engaging with our green initiatives, and going the extra mile to preserve our shared spaces should be rewarded.
  • Community: We want to see Clubs as active members of their student and Stirling community. Engaging with other societies, with students from all demographics, and with external partners is how we grow the Society scene.

2 points per category across 2 Categories


3 points per category across 3 Categories


4 points per category across 3 Categories





  • Held a Club Event/Activity in Studio, Venue, Underground or the Green & Blue Space.
  • Involvement with an external organisation - an event, fundraiser or otherwise.
  • The society has assessed or made changes to promote inclusion and wider participation, such as: altering meeting times, ensuring venues are accessible, events are open to all.
  • The society has non-student and postgraduate paid members.
  • Achieve 50% higher turnout rate at a Union election.
  • Taken active steps to engage with Liberation groups on campus.


  • Can demonstrate fundraising efforts/applications to additional funding streams (excluding Club Grant)
  • At least 3 Committee members attend a Communities Zone or Union General Meeting.
  • Hold an event involving another Stirling Students’ Union-affiliated Club/Society or Sports-Union affiliated Sports Team.
  • Has filled in their profile section on the Union website, including a club logo, accurate society information and promotion of events.
  • Has produced 2 different pieces of publicity for their society: a poster, leaflet, Facebook event, atrium stall, placard etc.
  • Can demonstrate an active and engaged social media presence.


  • Have 2 or more paid society members attend a volunteer session in the Community Garden.
  • Demonstrate an event where steps were taken to reduce the environmental impact of activities.
  • Actively participated or volunteered in one of the Students’ Union environmental or sustainability campaigns
  • Made efforts to source society resources from sustainable sources, for instance buying Fairtrade.
  • Supported a Union campaign or policy aimed at improving the sustainability of the Union and all students on campus.
  • Donated/purchased Club resources from the Fairshare initiative.
  • Choose an activity based around these - UN Sustainable Development Goals


how can we evidence these?

Tell us what you’ve done in the academic year 2017-2018!

Give us some background around each point, and provide photographic proof. Facebook events, graphics, receipts etc will also be accepted.

Email the Category form, with any other supporting evidence (pictures etc) to by March 19th 2018.

Development form

Community form

Sustainability form

getting your award

Clubs that are successful will receive a certificate award at Clubs Ball, digital accreditation beside their profile on the Union website, and a customised graphic overlay to add to their logo on social media.

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