club funding

We love seeing our student groups become more amibitous and achieve more year on year and we want you to be able to use our resources and expertise at the Union to really make your activities the best they possibly can be.  Whether this is general guidance or financial support to enhance your activities, your Union is here to help make this happen.  

Particularly during the pandemic, the innovative ideas that we've seen from our Clubs & Societies to overcome the challenges and draw positives from being unable to meet physically have been nothing short of remarkable.  Our Club Grant will open in the Autumn semester as soon as we elect a full Communities Zone Executive Committee (CZEC)-a committee of elected students to make important decisions around funding and governance.  You can run as a 'lay member' for this committee at the first Communities Zone of 2021/22, we'll keep you posted about that.  Click here or keep an eye on our social media channels for future meeting dates.

grants you can apply for

Communities Zone Club Grant- The Club Grant will open in the Autumn semester. Please complete the form and check out the conditions of the award here.  You will be invited to present your application to your elected Communities Zone Executive Committee (CZEC) who will then vote on your funding application.  If you need any assistance completing the form please contact Alyson (click this link for her email) or Elaine (click this link for her email) and we can help!

Additional University Funds

Autumn semester- The Stirling Fund is available in the Autumn semester.  Click here to check out previous successful applications and for information on when the fund will be opened later this year.  

Spring Semester- The Vice Chancellor's Fund is avaialble in the Spring Semester. Click here to check out previous successful applications and for information on when the fund will be opened next year. 

External Funds- In the meantime, there may be other University, local, national or even international funding streams that you can apply to so keep exploring your options and get in touch if you need assistance with an application.  We can also check over and reference applications for you to increase your chance of success!