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Do you feel your club is leading the way? Do you want recognition of what your committee has achieved? A stripe is accreditation in one of the following areas: Sustainability, Development, Inclusion and Community and can be awarded for fulfilling any of the suggested criteria or anything else that can be evidenced to justify the recognition.

The Sustainability stripe is awarded to clubs/societies who have: “Made an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of their society and its members. They have actively tried to operate in a sustainable manner in regards to resources and activities and in doing so (or through separate campaigns) have increased environmental awareness to their members and the wider student population.” To achieve this, the club/society must meet at least three (bronze level), five (silver level) or seven (gold level) of the following criteria and must submit a form to state how they have met this: 

sustainability criteria

1. Actively participated or volunteered in one of the Students’ Union environmental or sustainability campaigns.
2. Made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint as a society. This could include printing less, reducing mileage and recycling more.
3. Created their own environmental campaign to inform fellow students of the importance of acting sustainably.
4. Created awareness of how society members can reduce their carbon footprint.
5. Have publicised the sustainability work that they have engaged with as a society.
6. Have assisted with delivering the Students’ Union Environmental Projects
7. Supported a union policy to help improve the sustainability of the Union and all students on campus.
8. Have used the Students’ Union Green & Blue Space to host a regular society meeting or a oneoff event.
9. Helped launch a new workshop or initiative as part of the Green & Blue Space
10. Taken any other steps that they feel has helped to make them more sustainable. (Please provide additional details on form)

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