Do you feel your club is leading the way? Do you want recognition of what your committee has achieved? A stripe is accreditation in one of the following areas: Sustainability, Development, Inclusion and Community and can be awarded for fulfilling any of the suggested criteria or anything else that can be evidenced to justify the recognition.

The Inclusion stripe is awarded to clubs/societies who have: “Taken positive steps to increase membership and include as many members as possible. They have made specific efforts to include students that don’t traditionally engage, without ignoring or neglecting their current membership or other student groups. These students include but are not limited to disabled, international, post graduate, parent or carer, mature, satellite, non-campus. In regards to clubs/societies who target a specific demographic, they have worked on expanding their membership and raising awareness of the issues that affect them to the wider student body.” To achieve this, the club/society must meet at least three (bronze level), five (silver level) or seven (gold level) of the following criteria and must submit a form to state how they have met this:

inclusion criteria

1. Taken steps to help new members or freshers settle into their society.
2. As a society, have actively participated in one of the Students’ Union’s participation and engagement campaigns.
3. Provided evidence of attempting to include minority groups in society events.
4. Made an effort to encourage new members throughout the year (not just at society sign ups as lots of less engaged students don't attend).
5. Taken steps to encourage minority groups to join the society without isolating the societies traditional membership groups.
6. Worked to raise awareness of what the society does to different groups of people.
7. Made changes to society activities to open them up to a wider membership (for example looked at the timing, nature or type of activity)
8. Attempted to increase membership.
9. Explored innovative new ways to promote the club
10. Taken any other steps that they feel have helped to make them more inclusive. (Please provide additional details on form.)

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