Do you feel your club is leading the way? Do you want recognition of what your committee has achieved? A stripe is accreditation in one of the following areas: Sustainability, Development, Inclusion and Community and can be awarded for fulfilling any of the suggested criteria or anything else that can be evidenced to justify the recognition.

The Development stripe is awarded to clubs/societies who have: “Taken active steps to develop themselves and built on successes of previous years or worked to maintain the high standards of previous years in differing circumstances. They may have dramatically increased membership, developed new ideas or different events and activities or made necessary changes to the operational side of the society.” To achieve this, the society must meet at least three (bronze level), five (silver level) or seven (gold level) of the following criteria and must submit a form to state how they have met this:

development criteria

1. Put in place new events or activities.
2. Reviewed previous events and activities and as a result of this process made improvements to an activity or event.
3. Gained special achievements in fundraising and obtaining funding (not including the club grants).
4. Actively participated in the Students Union democratic process such as actively participating in Community Zone meetings or by submitting a policy proposal.
5. Shown evidence of increased membership through new campaigns or marketing changes.
6. Increased awareness of the club/society aims and objectives to the student population.
7. Submitted a year plan (available from
8. Won a Clubs and Societies award.
9. Ensured that all committee members have participated in all club/society meetings and/or sessions.
10. Taken any other steps that they feel has developed the society. (Please provide additional details on form)

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