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As well as elected student representatives, the Students' Union also employs a number of key staff who provide continuity and experience in operational management and administration of the Union.

Chief Executive

Audrey Burns audrey-clare.burns@stir.ac.uk

As the Chief Executive I report to the Trustee Board and am responsible for the overall strategic and operational management of the organisation. Key areas of work are supporting and facilitating the roles of elected officers and staff to deliver their representational, political, educational and activity based agendas. Internally I ensure development and delivery of commercial activities, externally securing funding opportunities is also a priority.

Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

Nick Manton n.d.manton@stir.ac.uk

I am responsible for the promotion of Union activities across its representative, activity and commercial based operations. This includes responsibility for the co-ordination of publicity, Union website, publications and website. I also organise Union events ranging from Freshers Week to the Final Fling and co-rodinate all of the Union's marketing activity for external audiences. 

Marketing Assistant

Lauren Kirk lauren.kirk1@stir.ac.uk

I'm responsible for assisting in all promotion of Union activities: from representation to Freshers Week, campaigns to Union bar & catering operations. I run the Union website and social media outlets as well as physically implementing marketing campaigns through experiential and visual means. My job is to be available for students as well as staff when it comes to promotion and marketing to create materials and provide advice.  

Student Activities & Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Alban Dickson alban.dickson@stir.ac.uk

My role is to help students make the most from their time at University. I support all the clubs & societies within the Union and help promote student participation in co-curricular activities. A key part of my job is volunteering; to help students access new experiences, develop their skills and realise their potential.

Policy & Research Co-Ordinator

Stef Black stef.black@stir.ac.uk

My remit is to develop and facilitate the successful operation of multiple activities within the Union, including elections, quality assurance and enhancement, the National Student Survey, our RATE Awards, and the Faculty Officer and Course Rep educational rep schemes.   I work closely with external organisations, such as the QAA on their Enhancement Themes, as well as NUS, SPARQS and other HE Institutions across Scotland.  I help empower the Sabbaticals and Executive Council to effectively contribute on University committees, steering groups and in relevant workshops.  I am also the go-to person on the Union’s constitution and schedules and work closely with the sabbaticals at developing new initiatives and policies to better engage the student community. 

Sport Development Co-Ordinator

Chris Purdie christopher.purdie@stir.ac.uk 

I'm here to ensure that all students at the University not only have the opportunity to engage in sport and physical activity, but that it is also a positive experience. In doing so I work in conjunction with the Sports President and Sports Administrator to plan, coordinate and deliver the comprehensive sport programme. I have particular focus on participation, disability sport as well as health and wellbeing. In addition, I also work with external stakeholders such as Active Stirling to increase opportunities for students to engage in community sport within the Stirling area.

Academic Representation & Development Co-Ordinator

Lynn Maher lynn.maher@stir.ac.uk

My role is to offer confidential and impartial information, support and representation to students on academic issues such as mitigating circumstances that are impacting on your studies, appeals, complaints, academic misconduct hearings and fitness to practice hearings. I’m here to listen – not to judge – and to help students state their case, to signpost to other specialist or support services as appropriate and to help make what can be difficult circumstances less painful and confusing and so you don’t have to face them alone. 

Environmental Projects Co-Ordinator 

Matt Woodthorpe matt.woodthorpe@stir.ac.uk

My main role is develop and manage the Union’s environmental hub: the Green & Blue Space. From here we deliver the Union’s environmental projects around waste and energy use reduction and facilitate sustainable and environmental student activity. We work with a wonderful team of volunteers, the Union, University and a variety of external partners on building a sustainable community.

Finance Team

Ann Black & Jane Allan 

The Finance Office assists all areas of the Union in their operations. The team help Clubs with their budgets and monitor the income and expenditure of the Union.

Union Secretary

Wendy Forbes wendy.forbes@stir.ac.uk

The Union Secretary is often the first point of call in the student union, being situated on the Union Office front desk. As well as providing advice and help to students they also help administer the day-to-day operation of the Union.

Sports Union Administrator

Jill Lowe jill.lowe@stir.ac.uk

The Sports Union Administrator has responsibility for assisting the Sports Union President in the day-to-day operation of the Sports Union and is located in the Union Office in the Students' Union.

Commercial Manager

Frances Slorance frances.slorance@stir.ac.uk

The Commercial Manager manages the Robbins team and ensures the delivery of customer focused bar and catering facilities on the Union's premises.

Catering Manager

Gwen Johnston gwen.johnston@stir.ac.uk

Also a senior Duty Manager, the Catering Manager oversees the various catering outlets operated by the Union.

Union Shop Manager

Karen McGregor shop.union@stir.ac.uk

I manage the Student Union Shop, planning events, offers and promotions. I source all new stock, finding up-to-date styles in fashionable designs and colours. 

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