communities zone


There are regular Communities Zone meetings, for the benefit of Clubs & Societies committees and those engaged with the entirity of the Communities Zone remit.


Communities Zone Meetings 2019/20 (2018/19 Agendas and Minutes can be requested from

Semester 1

Meeting One

Thursday 19th September 2019, 5pm, Lecture Theatre A3. Agenda & Minutes

Meeting Two

Thursday 31st October 2019, 5pm, Lecture Theatre A3. Agenda & Minutes to follow

Semester 2

Meeting Three

Communities Zone/GM- Thursday 6th February 2020, 5PM, Location LTA3. Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Four

Thursday 5th March 2020, 5pm, Location LTA4. Agenda & Minutes to follow


Communities Zone Executive Committee Meetings

Meeting 1

Tuesday 3rd September 2019, C.4W1. Agenda and Minutes.

Meeting 2

Tuesday 1st October 2019, C.2B44. Agenda and Minutes

Meeting 3

Wednesday 16th October, C.2B40. Agenda and Minutes

Meeting 4

Wednesday 30th October, C.3B129. Agenda and Minutes

Meeting 5

Monday 11th November, C.2B44. Agenda and Minutes

Meeting 6

Wednesday 20th November, C. 3B129.  Agenda and Minutes.  

Meeting 7

Wednesday 29th January, C.2B85. Agenda and Minutes 

Meeting 8

Wednesday 26th February, C. 2B46. Agenda and Minutes

This Committee looks at the development of extra-curricular activity, sustainability, self-development opportunities, links with the community and events. This includes approval of Clubs & Societies constitutions, allocation of club grants, and decision on club awards etc. This committee meets at least once a month during semester time only.

For further information, please contact or