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There are regular Communities Zone meetings, for the benefit of Clubs & Societies committees and those engaged withof the Communities Zone remit.

Communities Zone Meetings 2021/22

Meetings will be conducted either online via Microsoft Teams or in a online/in person hybrid format (details to be provided on a meeting by meeting basis). They will take place at 5pm.

30th September 2021 - Agenda and Minutes 

11th November 2021 (combined with a General Meeting) - Agenda and Minutes

3rd February 2022 via Microsoft Teams - Agenda 

10th March 2022 via Microsoft Teams

For agendas and minutes prior to this academic year, please email Elaine Shepherd, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator.  

Communities Zone Executive Committee Meetings 2021/22

Friday 22nd October Agenda Minutes 

Wednesday 24th November Agenda & Minutes 

Wednesday 15th December Agenda & Minutes 

Thursday 13th January Agenda & Minutes 

Thursday 20th January Agenda & Minutes

Friday 4th February Agenda


The Communities Zone Executive Committee (CZEC) are a group of elected students who meet to discuss and approve grant applications, new societies and any other business within the Communities Zone.  Details of these meetings for 2021/22 will be details below when scheduled.  If you require any Minutes or Agendas from meetings prior to this academic year, please email Elaine Shepherd, Activities & Volunteer Coordinator.  

The committee includes the elected Students' Union President, Vice President Communities, International Officer, Housing Officer, Arts Officer, Sustainability Officer, Media Officer, Co-Curricular Officer and 5 'lay' or ordinary members.  We elect lay members at the first Communities Zone or General Meeting of the year (whichever is quorate) so check back on this page and the Union's social media channels for how you can put yourself forward.  We will be looking for 2 Club Presidents and 3 Club members in any role. 

For further information, please contact or