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Jess Logan


Jess is 21, from Edinburgh and has just graduated with a BSc in Animal Biology. 

I love Stirling because... it is such a tight knit community with lots of wonderful students. People look out for each other and there is a genuine care for their university and campus

Favourite student moment... Winning Lifetime achievement at the 2016 clubs ball.  It was such an amazing honour to be recognised for my 4 years within clubs and societies. Not only that it was great to see so many people’s hard work for the year getting honoured.


My Top 5 Priorities for the Year 

  • #LetsGetRecognised Our students do so much outside of their studies and we need to make sure that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Whether it is through enhancing their transcripts or hosting awards we want to make sure that all our students feel valued. Autumn has seen planning start on the "Celebrating Student Success" awards in collaboraton with Careers, discussions around extending Enhanced Transcripts and Volutneering Society won Stirling's Young Volunteer Award!
  • #LetsGetMembers Our clubs are a great way to make new friends and gain skills for your future. With that, we want to make sure that each club is providing the most for its members. Whether it be through making sure all the committee has been trained or that they are finding bigger and better ways to attract new members. 2 Scottish Mental Health First Aid training courses have been rolled out to presidents and with nearly a dozen new clubs things already shaping up well for ReFreshers Week!
  • #LetsGetGreen This year we want to have a massive focus on environmental campaigns and projects and make our environmental hub, the green and blue space bigger and better. We will also be going for excellence in the green impact award! Sustainability Week has been set for the 31st January and developments around the Bottle Tax are afoot.
  • #LetsGetMedia This year I want to help our 3 media societies, Air3, Brig and AirTV, work on getting to the top of their game. They are already award winning, but by getting them out and doing more professional work and working closely with the Union we can really get them up there. Autumn semester has been about laying the foundations with training and teambuilding being planned. Delighted to see AirTV recieve Stirling Fund awards too!
  • #LetsGetHousing Getting your first flat after halls can be a stressful experience and we want to lessen that as much as possible. We will be running various campaigns and workshops to get you all clued up and ready to go. Dave & I have been working with the University to establish the guarantor scheme for as soon as next year.


Nearly there...                       06/12/2016

It’s nearly over! Congratulations to everyone for getting through the semester in mostly one piece. Just that final tiny little hurdle now…

I have been up to a lot this past month so I will try to only talk about a few things. We met with First Bus a few weeks ago to talk about ongoing transport issues that I am sure you’ve all had some bother with this past semester. If you have anything you want to add to this conversation please email us and we will make sure your voice is heard.

I have also been looking at graduation costs for the upcoming ceremonies and fingers crossed it looks like those graduating in absentia will be doing that for free this time around. (Compared to the previous years where you were paying for everyone else to party!)

I was also involved with a screening of “The Hunting Ground” as part of Stirlingshire-wide events for 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence. The panel discussion I was part of was based on the institution’s responsibility when it comes to Sexual Assault Claims. It was a really important event and your questions and feedback during the discussion are already feeding into a policy from the university.

Much Love, Jess x

1000 Members!                       13/10/2016

So that is fresher’s week come and gone and wow it has been a busy one. We had so many good events and it was amazing to meet (some of) the new first years. You are going to have an amazing time here. The atmosphere is amazing at the moment, everything is buzzing – I guess exam stress hasn’t hit in yet. I had such a good time on our clubs and socs days in the atrium – it was my first time meeting some of the committees that I am going to be working very closely with and everyone was so enthused and meeting potential new members is always fun.

Speaking of…WE HAVE 1000 CLUBS AND SOCS MEMBERS!!It is so good to see so many people engaging and taking part in our wide variety of societies. It gives me many fuzzy feelings. Heather (your clubs and socs officer) and I are on hand if you have any questions about what is coming up or if you need a hand with anything.

I have also been working closly with the careers development service to work on getting you some fab events that will help boost your employability skills and some more ventures for you to get stuck into. Find out more about that soon….

Much Love, Jess x

Freshers is coming...                       29/08/16

Hi! It’s been another super busy month and we are slowly inching closer to Freshers. I have been doing a lot to make sure all the clubs and societies are all set to go come 10th of September. We have also started to work on our priorities for the upcoming year. For me that means speaking to the University to make sure all your hard work for the upcoming year is being recognised in your academic transcripts. This year so many more of you are going to get your volunteering acknowledged! I am also going to be working with Shelter and a few other external organisations to bring you workshops that will help you with everything from finding a flat to dealing with dodgy landlords.

The past few weeks I have been to so many conferences. At Lead and Change we developed our leadership skills and I got loads of ideas on how to give you guys an amazing time at uni. Another big event was the Gathering, where all the Sabbs from around Scotland came to discuss best practice and learn from each other. Can you spot me in the photo? It was held in Stirling this year so it was great fun seeing them all get lost in Cottrell, and they all enjoyed the after party a little too much...

Much Love, Jess x

Wow.                        05/07/16

Hi everyone! It's now been a month since I became VP Communities. Wow. I have been so busy with this massive learning curve that I don't think I have had time to breathe yet. A lot of what I've been doing is setting the wheels in motion for all my manifesto points and getting them set up, as I definitely won't have time to do it all when all the students get back.

Other than that I went to my first University Court meeting (a massive meeting with lots of important people to discuss all the changes to University funding and policy) and have been planning for Freshers and Give it a Go. There is so much to look forward to that week, and it's so much fun to see all the weird and wacky events that our clubs have planned. I have also received a lot of training about how to be the best leader and campaign organiser I can be, so hopefully everything should go smoothly for the next year. This first month has been amazing and I can't wait to see what else is coming up.

Much Love, Jess x







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