international students

The Students’ Union values the representation of international students throughout their education. As a result, every year, students elect an International Officer. For the academic year 2020-21, Dimitrios Terzis has been successfully selected in the role of the International Officer.

Dimitriois a Greek student who is involved in many societies such as Debating and the founding and continuation of the Hellenic & Cypriot society.  Check out our Clubs & Societies here, it really is the best way to meet new people.  

He wants to help international students, exchange and full-time, to feel like Stirling can be their home. He has plans for meet & greets and aims to keep all studnets as up to date as possible on the University's response to COVID-19 and Brexit. He'd love to hear from you so feel free to drop him an email at

our priorities

Our priorities for supporting the experience of international students here at Stirling include:

  • A warm welcome and continued support throughout your whole time at Stirling

Freshers & Refreshers- Plans for Freshers 2020 coming soon! For now, why not join the Official Freshers Facebook page for all the most up to date info.  

Join a club- Don't forget to check out our Clubs & Societies and Sports clubs to see how you can make your time at Stirling the best! Our International Society is a good place to start! 

Peer support- As a new student at Stirling you're encouraged to apply to our STEER Peer Support programme by completing this google form.  You'll be matched up with one of our wonderful Captains (a current student) who will be happy to assist you in settling into life at Stirling and how to make the most of what Stirling has to offer you. Historically, STEER is very popular with our International community and you can even apply before you make your way to Stirling, allowing you to make campuc connections early! 

Representing you during your studies

Stirling Students' Union is always on hand to represent you during your studies. We have a comprehensive student representation system that seeks to support you through your studies and empower student voice. If you are having any difficulties or need support, consider reaching out to the following people:

Module Reps: If you are an undergraduate student, each module will have one or more students who volunteer to be the representative for that module. This person will work closely with the module coordinator to make sure that the module is running smoothly, so if you have any issues with a specific module, your module rep is a great first point of contact! You can find the module reps listed on the module’s Canvas page. 

Program Reps: If you are a postgraduate student, each program will have one or two volunteer representatives. As with the module reps, if you are having any issues with your program, your respective program representative will be a great first point of contact. Again, you can find your program rep on Canvas.

Faculty Officers: The module reps and program reps will be supported by the faculty officers who work very closely with the faculty staff. At the undergraduate level, each division will have their own faculty officer. At the postgraduate level, each faculty will have an officer for postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students. If you are having any issues with your division or faculty more generally, or have a concern that affects more than just one module, the faculty officer may be a good contact point. 

VP Education: At the top of the student representative system is the VP Education, who leads and manages the Faculty Officers, Program Reps, and Module Reps. The VP Education Officer is in a key position to advocate and represent students at the University level, and will often take the issues identified by module reps, program reps, and faculty officers to these University level meetings. However, you can always come to the VP Education Officer if you need anything or have any concerns or suggestions. This year (2020/2021) the role is being filled by Lexi Ehresmann, and you can contact her at whenever you need support or representation!

Advocacy and Inclusion Development Coordinator: Lynn Maher: If you are having any more personal challenges, Lynn can provide professional, non-judgmental, confidential, one to one, support, guidance and advocacy that is independent of the University. It is free of charge and can be accessed by contacting her directly ( - 01786 467188) or inquiring through the Union email ( She can assist with exploring options for course changes, extenuating circumstances, appeals, complaints, disciplinary matters, academic misconduct and the rights of our students within the University, supporting students on professional programmes and more. She can signpost to appropriate services in and out of the University and other representation within the Union. She will always be there for ALL students!


  • Developing cross-cultural links through volunteering

Volunteering is a huge part of our culture here at Stirling. This can be here on campus with our Environmental Projects team or leading Sports Clubs or Societies, but also extends to the local community of Stirling and further afield. For more information about volunteering, check out our Employability page on the website where you can register for TARGETconnect, the Careers & Employability service's one stop shop for opportunities, both paid, unpaid and internship.