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Stirling Students’ Union is committed to the diversity of Stirling’s student population. In 2015/16, I aim to work towards enhancing the Students' Union experience for all of our international students. As your VP Communities, I will be working closely with the elected International Students Representative to ensure your voice is heard and that your Students' Union supports you during your time here at Stirling.

      - Jess Logan (VP Communities)

our priorities

Our priorities for supporting the experience of international students here at Stirling include:

  • A meaningful and valuable Freshers Week & ReFreshers experience

Our 2016/17 Freshers' Week line up will have something for everyone and there's no better way to meet people and get ready for your time here at Stirling! If DJ sets aren't for you, then check out our traditional Scottish Ceilidh or meet with one of our societies.

Don't forget to visit the International Society during Clubs & Societies day, and get involved with their activities in Give it a Go Week!

  • Representing you during your studies

Stirling Students' Union is always on hand to represent you during your studies. Whether it is academic support, or anything which is affecting your studies, you can contact Lynn Maher, our Academic Representation & Development Coordinator, on

You also have a voice in shaping the entire Students' Union. Your can always bring matters to our public Communities Zone meeting. Your experience as an international student can help shape the future support which the Students Union wants to provide. You can also e-mail your Vice President Communities Jess Logan with any issues you wish to raise. 

  • Developing cross-cultural links through volunteering

Volunteering is a huge part of our culture here at Stirling. This can be here on campus with our Environmental Projects team or leading Sports Clubs or Societies, but it also extends to the local community of Stirling and further afield. For more information about volunteering, check the Volunteering Webpage or contact

stand out from the crowd

Are you looking for work opportunities during your studies? In addition to our support in identifying suitable volunteering placements your Students' Union also runs a work experience project called the Entry Level Job Initative and a research experience programme called Students as Researchers (StAR). Contact for more information.


our international partners

Your Students' Union is always here to support you during your studies, even if you are on an exchange semester or year. In November 2015, our entire Sabbatical Officer team were invited to the ACUI Region VIII conference in New England, and were delighted to take the opportunity to meet Stirling students currently on exchange at North American campuses

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