f team 2018

Freshers Week is a HUGE change for new students. Plans are already underway for September 2018 and we want you to make sure that no Fresher is left lost, worried, without info or bored...

That’s where the F Team comes in. We put together a team of approachable, informative, bubbly and welcoming current students who help us and you new students to make Freshers 2018 a week long event never to be forgotten.

last year's amazing team!


what's involved?

As a member of the FTeam 'Crew' you'll have 'Captains' who've been on FTeam before who lead shifts, provide guidance and help run the team. Your job is to:

*welcome all new students, whether that's 1st year undergrads or brand new post grads!

*welcoming students to their new accommodation

*helping to promote and sell tickets for Union Freshers events

*provide information to new students to help welcome them to University

*setting up for events, running daytime and evening events

*being a positive face in promoting the Union, our services and our facilities

*promotion of Union clubs and Sports clubs

*packing and handing out Freshers 2018 Welcome Bags

*helping out in the Union on event nights with anything from decorating and face painting to looking after acts and managing queues

There are a whole host of roles to undertake. Roles may involve getting to the Union nice and early in the morning or working late into the night. 

Promote, promote, promote!

We need people who are out-going, approachable and above all, ready to get stuck in and sell the Union to the Freshers and promoting the Union’s Freshers activities – we need people who can use their Uni and online social networks to get people interested in Union events. Whilst the focus is about helping Freshers feel part of the Union and prompting it to them, it’s also about getting people into events throughout the week.

what’s in it for me?

We can’t and don’t expect people to commit to the level of help we want without a little something in return! First and foremost, this is a great way to meet not only Freshers, but your fellow F Team members. We also make sure that when people are on for long shifts, we provide refreshments and food. In addition every F Team member gets their own:

  • F Pass
  • Freshers 2018 white T-Shirt (plus the F Team t-shirts to wear on shift)
  • NUS Extra card 
  • Refreshments on shift
  • Free lunch when working
  • References and great CV building opportunities

how do I apply?

Applications are now closed.