f team

Freshers Week is a time for new students to find their way around, make new friends, memories and settle into Uni life.

Planning is underway for September 2022 and we want you to make sure that no new student is left lost, worried, without info or bored...

That's where the F Team volunteers come in! We're recruiting for a team of approachable, informative, bubbly and welcoming current students who help us to create a Freshers Week experience that new students will love. For 2022, we're still planning what that will look like, but to ensure we're able to deliver any of the scenarios we're planning, we may need you! 

We'll be taking interest to be part of the team via the form below and contacting you later this year (around July/August) to confirm plans ongoing. There are usually around 20-30 spaces on the team and former members can tell you, it's some of the most fun & worthwhile volunteering you'll find at University!

Feedback from previous team members:

"I just want to say thank you for having me! It was a great experience all in all and helped me meet new people, build my confidence and gain some new skills!"

"F-team is an amazing opportunity that was very enjoyable for me. It gives you the chance to create new memories while being a part of freshers first university memories."

"Fantastic experience, would heavily recommend."

"I loved helping out on the Saturday with the freshers; meeting them, being a friendly face and helping them with any issues. Seeing how much their families appreciated it and putting a smile on their faces was worth it!"

"Definitely applying to come back on the team next year!"


what's involved?

As a member of the FTeam 'Crew' you'll have 'Captains' who've been on FTeam before who lead shifts, provide guidance and help run the team. Everything will be dependent on the COVID rules in September and what we're able to deliver. Everything will be done to COVID regulations at the time and we will full risk-assess all events and working conditions.

Some of the things you'll get involved with are below:

  • welcoming all new students, whether that's 1st year undergrads or brand new post grads!
  • welcome returning students back to campus - remember, new 2nd years kinda missed out last year!
  • welcoming students to their new accommodation
  • helping to promote and sell tickets for Union Freshers events
  • provide information to new students to help welcome them to University
  • setting up for events, running daytime and evening events
  • being a positive face in promoting the Union, our services and our facilities
  • promotion of Union Clubs & Socs and Sports clubs
  • helping prep freebies and doing give aways
  • helping out in the Union on event nights 

what’s in it for me?

We can’t and don’t expect people to commit to the level of help we want without a little something in return! First and foremost, this is a great way to meet not only Freshers, but your fellow F Team members! We also make sure that when people are on for daytime shifts, we provide refreshments and food. In addition every F Team member gets free access to Union events during Freshers Week, F Team tshirts to wear on shift and keep as well as references and CV building opportunities. Further perks and goodies may also apply, these are dependent on COVID restrictions at the time. 

how do I apply?

Applications for F Team 2022 are now open and you can apply by completing this Google form by end of June 2022.

If you have any further questions about the F Team, please contact us at theunion@stir.ac.uk